The team at Stresscare Behavioral Health, Inc. will help you in understanding and dealing with your personal situation and recommend appropriate services to help meet your needs.

We offer:

Stress Management Services
Stress management training may take many forms based on your needs. In general, we focus on two primary areas (1) learning to manage physical signs of tension and stress; and (2) learning to manage thoughts and feelings that lead to stress. Stress management is a process that involves sessions with a therapist as well as the completion of home-based assignments.


Treatment for Depression
The most effective treatment for clinical depression is a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Some people are experiencing mild-to-moderate symptoms of depression. For them, psychotherapy alone or medication alone may be enough. Psychotherapy typically includes techniques to change unhelpful thinking patterns, strategies to increase valued or important activities, and discussions about important relationships in your life. When you meet with the trained and licensed staff at StressCare Behavioral Health, Inc., we will work with you to plan the treatment techniques that will be most helpful for your situation.


Treatment for Anxiety
Anxiety disorders can be greatly reduced and, in some cases, resolved with appropriate treatment. Strategies for treating anxiety disorders focus on helping you to understand the origins of your anxiety, learn strategies to reduce/control your symptoms, and become more comfortable with the situations, objects or memories that lead to the unpleasant feelings. Together, these combined strategies will allow you to return to activities and situations you may be avoiding.


Anger Management
Behavior modification programs are available to address the unhealthy or destructive expression of anger that may lead to violent behavior.

Chemical Dependency/Addiction
Treatment to help overcome physical or psychological dependence on alcohol or drugs, or behaviors such as gambling, that have potentially harmful consequences.

Relationship Counseling
We provide support and intervention to help couples and families recognize difficulties and collaborate to solve problems. We help families who are struggling with the challenges of everyday living, as well as families who are dealing with a loved one’s chronic or terminal illness. Individual therapy is also available to help individual caregivers who are struggling with managing the demands of caring for a loved one. We offer bereavement counseling for those who have lost a loved one and who would like support in the grief process.

Chronic Disease Management and Health Promotion
Living with a chronic disease can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. Learn strategies to help control the physical symptoms of the disease, to cope with the emotional ups and downs, and to help make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life. We have experience helping people cope with pain, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, cancer and other chronic conditions. We can help you learn and apply strategies to manage stress and promote health and wellness including assistance with quitting smoking, losing weight, and improving sleep.

Behavioral Pain Management
We have extensive experience helping people with chronic pain, and offer group and individual programs. If you or your family is suffering because of pain due to a work-related injury, behavioral pain management could change your life. Visit our PainCare of Northwest Ohio site for more information.


Evaluation and Assessment Services
We offer a variety of evaluation and assessment services including pre-surgical evaluations for people considering gastric bypass surgery for weight loss, pre-transplant evaluations for potential organ recipients, and pre-surgical evaluations for individuals considering implants for chronic pain treatment (e.g., spinal cord stimulator). We also offer adult ADHD evaluations, and alcohol and drug assessments.

Biofeedback techniques involve the use of technology to amplify signals from the body so that you can be more aware of how your body responds to stress. With this enhanced awareness you can learn to better control your stress response to manage and reduce stress levels.


Massage Therapy
Massage therapy relaxes muscle tension and allows heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to return to normal – counteracting the body’s negative responses to stress. This pleasant and relaxing experience can have many positive effects on the body and the mind. In addition to the widely recognized benefits of a Relaxation Massage, a Therapeutic or Medical Massage can help to reduce chronic pain and manage symptoms of other chronic health conditions.


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